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Welcome to our first post!!
At Exodus Tuning we have seen to shift in attitude and public perception when it come to the “Slave Tool” arrangement that has been in place in most Aussie performance oriented workshops since 2010. Although it works great, there is a stigma that comes with it. Starting in early 2018, both pubic and industry perceptions started to view those businesses in Slave-Master relationships as being inferior to those businesses who own and operate as Master Tuners. 

And there is some merit to that line of thinking, provided all the boxes are ticked. A Master Tuner and Tuning Business must have the following knowledge at least:

  • Possess a high level of understanding when it comes to the internal combustion engine
  • Modern fuel injection systems – both diesel and petrol 
  • Highly I.T literate and  confident with binary and hexadecimal coding and multiple tune file editing platforms.
  • Be able to get relevant data from diagnostic tools, PC based scanners (HPTuners) and chassis dynamometers 
  • Then be able to interpret that data and use it in a practical application – editing the tune file to achieve a safe desired change to the engines operation. 
  • Experience in being able to pull an original file from a vehicle and write a modified file to the vehicle – some cars a downright painful. 
And there are many more attributes that are required to be a proficient Master Tuner. The problem though lies therein and poses the question. Does the consumer get a better product from any business who owns a Master Tool? And the answer to that is no unfortunately. In the rush to be a more reputable Tuner and to not “waste” money on Slave files, many businesses churn out substandard tunes. Handing back a vehicle to the customer that may not be tuned as well as it was when the business was Slave to a decent Master Tuning File write and business. 

That’s where Exodus Tuning steps in. We can discretely supply you or your business with tunes that will make you look like you have 10 years tunefile writing experience. Check out some of the services we offer below.

Our Tune File Services

Master Tune Files

Upload your original file (or provide us with an ID) and we will send you a modified file within the hour.
Easy and effective, if the file is way off we will even send you a revision to fix it.

* Emissions deletion is only to be used in Racing, Off-Road or Troubleshooting situations.


If you have WinOLS we can provide you with a mappack (oslx file). In this mappack you will have an original file, tuned files, tuned files with emissions delete* and original file with emissions delete*. And the mappack is fully defined so you can tune using the mappack also. We have mappacks for Toyota 200 Series VDJ200R, VDJ70 Series and Hilux. If we dont have the software version you want we can custom make one for you.

Custom Tuning

Do you have a heavily modified diesel or petrol project? We can help you custom tune it if you have access to a dyno. Send us the screen shots we ask for and we will custom tune the vehicle for you.


Do you sometimes feel like your business battery is flat? Do you need some direction on a project you are building?
Or do you need help with other business issues like marketing ides to drive your business? What plant and equipment suits your particular business the best? From dyno's to tuning software and tools, we can provide you with the advice to head you in right direction, use our experience to prevent poor business decisions.

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